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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Microsoft CEO floors all with simple talk

HYDERABAD: United States President Barack Obama’s statement on downsizing outsourcing operations might have dampened the spirit of many an IT professional aspiring a career in the US. But software giant Microsoft Corporation is steadfast in its belief in the talent pool available in India.

“Why India? Because a huge percentage of the people get educated in IT sciences here,” Microsoft Corporation chief executive officer Steve Ballmer reacted when asked why the company chose Hyderabad, to host its mega expo Tech.Ed. Hyderabad was a preferred destination because it housed Microsoft’s biggest research and development centre outside the Redmond campus employing 3,000 people working on innovative technologies.

Mr. Ballmer, acclaimed as the pillar for the growth of the IT giant after its founder Bill Gates, took the participants of the Tech.Ed by surprise with his simple gestures and articulation of global economic scenario in layman’s terminology. He was at ease while replying to queries on various issues raised by participants ranging from recession to the product line-up of Microsoft. Talking on the recession, which he referred to as decline, he said the events were once in a lifetime events that occurred four times earlier. The first one in 1837 was followed by the decline in 1873, when 36 years was considered the average life span. This was followed by similar economic situation in 1926 and the average life span by that time was 56 years.

Bad thing

The present one came after almost 80 years when the average life span is of the same duration. He, however, did not hazard a guess on when the next one would happen, but said: “the bad thing about it is, the coming generation will not learn from the experiences of its previous generation.”

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