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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Check online for e-challans by traffic police

Police told not to impose e-challan sans photographic evidence

Vehicle-owners can log in to Hyderabad traffic police website

Random check reveals 3,324 e-challans pending against 1,282 vehicles

HYDERABAD: People can now verify if any e-challans issued by the Hyderabad traffic police against their vehicles are pending by browsing the latter’s website .

Details of all pending e-challans were posted on the website so that vehicle-owners can check and pay the fine amount, the Traffic Police Additional Commissioner N.V. Surendra Babu, said in a press release.

The traffic police had undertaken special drives to clear the pending e-challans using PDA instruments -handheld gadgets into which the entire database of e-challans are fed. If a vehicle’s number is entered into the instrument, it would automatically deliver a print-out giving details of the pending e-challan amounts against it.

Drive launched

On Friday, the police organised similar drive. Out of the 3,128 vehicles randomly checked, it was found that 3,324 e-challans were pending against 1,282 vehicles. Most of them paid the fine amounts at e-Seva or APOnline centres.

Mr. Surendra Babu said that guidelines were issued to traffic police not to impose e-challan without support of photographic evidence. The photographs would be stored in DVDs in chronological order for easy retrieval.

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