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Friday, September 26, 2008

HiJackThis | Free Online Malware Detection Tool

Online Malware Detection - What it is ?

Internet is spreading fast. And with this, the online threats to your privacy and security are increasing day-by-day. Hundreds and thousands of innocent users are made victims by these spyware and malware programs every day. There is a continuous race between malware developers and security experts and vendors to stay ahead. HiJackThis, is a tool in the hands of a user, to detect malware and remove it from their system.

But Beware. HijackThis is not a tool, which is easy to use. Its use requires you to be able to fully understand and interpret its results and logs. Thankfully, there are lots of forums and platforms, where you can post the log files of HiJackThis, and the volunteers may help you after going through your logs.

HijackThis, sometimes abbreviated HJT, is a freeware spyware-removal tool for Microsoft Windows originally created by Merijn Bellekom, and later sold to Trend Micro. The program is notable for taking a heuristic approach to detecting malware - rather than relying on a database of known spyware, it quickly scans a user’s computer, creates a list of differences from a known spyware-free environment and allows the user to decide what from the list needs to be removed. HijackThis is used primarily for diagnosis of spyware, as blind use of its removal facilities can cause significant software damage to a computer.

Use HijackThis can generate a plain text logfile detailing all entries it finds, and most entries can be removed or disabled by HijackThis. Inexperienced users are often advised to exercise caution, or to seek help when using the latter option[1], as HijackThis does not discriminate between legitimate and unwanted items,

with the exception of a small whitelist of legitimate entries — thus allowing a user to unintentionally prevent important programs from running, which may cause their system or its peripherals to stop working. HijackThis will, however, attempt to create backups of the files and registry entries it removes, which can be used to restore the system in the event of a mistake.

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